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When should you clean litter?

On garbage day some of the trash doesn't go into the truck so it's a good idea to pick up litter that the garbage truck dropped out. Another time you should clean litter is when a storm ends because all of the litter is flying around due to the winds of the storm.

Why we clean litter

Life as we know is changing due to litter. With litter patrol, we clean up litter to help protect the environment. We never leave a garbage piece behind.

Past litter patrol

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In April of 2020, my mom and I did a litter patrol around my residence and we picked up about 1.5 pounds of litter. Imagine if everyone did that when they were walking outside their residence.

About litter patrol

We are an environmental organization/community that was made in 2018. 

     Litter Patrol is a community where concerned people can join our events and help clean up Litter to protect the environment.

     We are constantly expanding our company and making a solution to this littering problem.

     We would like to thank 4ocean for making our company possible.

How litter patrol started

    In fourth grade, a student named Jonathan was assigned a project to write a persuasion letter to a person in the United States. Jonathan chose the President of the United States because Jonathan wanted to persuade the President to address the litter problem in our country.  Unfortunately, the President never responded to Jonathan. Jonathan decided to make a difference and organized a Litter Patrol in his neighborhood.  Friends and neighbors, along with members of the local police department, picked up several pounds of trash.  To this day, he still is organizing Litter Patrols and making a difference in his community.

Never leave litter behind

Whenever you see litter, never leave it on the ground untouched because it can lead to something bad in the future. So, whenever you see litter on the ground pick it up immediately!